Exsense Medical Technology Co.Ltd

Exsense Medical Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, we are the unique enterprise in temperature management disposable medical temperature probedisposable medical temperature sensor--medical device field who owns manufacturing technology of NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) chip---the core of disposable temperature probe, we also has a completed industrial chain for producing .Our professional team concentrate on R&D, management and production, every member owns integrated experience on medical technology field.

We focus on the construction and implement of modern enterprise management system and operate in accordance to YY/T0287:2003 (idt ISO13485:2003) quality system since establishment. Administrative employees accepted YY/T0287:2003 internal auditor training and obtained the certification. Our company disposable temperature probe acquired ISO13485 Certificates, CFDA Certificates and CE Certificates. At the meantime, the NTC chip supplied by Zhaoqing Exsense assures high stability and reliability of our disposable temperature probe. >>MORE


  • Why should pay attention on the temperature management of premature infants?

    Due to lower gestational age at birth, the premature babies bodily functions are not yet fully developed, they are fragile; some small common problems may cause negative effects on them. Some research shows that poor control of body core temperature is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rate in preterm infants. Premature infants are more likely to get the hypothermia because of their low weight and relative lack of subcutaneous fat, especially in the first three hours of life. Health worker can use disposable temperature probe to monitor the infant’s temperature.

  • Why choose disposable temperature monitoring probe?

    The accuracy of reusable temperature probe will be affected by long-term using, it will makes patients suffer a high risk on cross-infections. The disposable temperature monitoring probe functions on the temperature continuous monitoring with a high accuracy, it doesn’t need the complicated disinfection process. For now, the most temperature monitoring tools for supporting medical monitor are disposable products, it always bring the safety, conveniences and health to patients.