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Some points about the perioperative management of the elderly

2022.03.07 / Monday
Some points about the perioperative management of the elderly

1. What are the goals of perioperative management of elderly patients?

In the perioperative management of elderly patients, safety alone is not enough, and comfort should be the goal.

This is because elderly patients have aging organ functions, more underlying diseases, and lower education levels, all of which lead to more perioperative complications. 

Therefore, comprehensive monitoring, stress regulation, and adequate pain control during the perioperative period are essential The essential.

2. What should be paid attention to during the recovery period of general anesthesia in elderly patients?

Elderly patients are prone to various complications after surgery, and they must be closely monitored and prevented;

Elderly patients wake up slowly, and monitoring of respiratory function and muscle relaxation should be strengthened;

It is necessary to strengthen postoperative analgesic wake-up monitoring and body temperature management in elderly patients to avoid drug-induced drowsiness and respiratory depression.

3. Summary of anesthesia management in the elderly

For elderly patients, anesthesia management is not only about intraoperative anesthesia management, but also preoperative assessment and postoperative management are equally important.