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Five Best Temperatures of Daily Life

2017.10.13 / Friday

Five Best Temperatures of Daily Life

Core Tip: Although human are warm-blooded, use the skin temperature probe can know our body temperature is about 37 so most of the time, but there are still some differences in each person's body temperature.

For example, women’s body temperature is slight higher before menstruation, while older people have lower body temperature. The same person has the lowest temperature at 6 am, and the highest temperature at four in the afternoon.


In our life, when people are engaged in some daily activities such as sleeping, bathing, or drinking, those activities also have their own optimal temperature.


·The best sleeping temperature is 20

For humans, the most comfortable sleep temperature is 20. Even the summer is hot and the winter is cold, when people go to sleep, it is impossible to make air conditioners too low or too high, and it should try to keep in 20.


·The best drinking temperature is 35 ~ 38

Best drinking temperature is 35 ~ 38 , this temperature is the most close to the body temperature. Too cold or too hot temperature is both easy to give bad stimulation to the mouth, teeth, stomach and so on, adverse health.


·The best bathing temperature is 39

Best bathing temperature is 39 , this temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature, both neither can let a person feel cold or too hot. If the bath water is too hot, it will destroy the protective layer of the skin and reduce the resistance to pollution and bacteria. Before taking a shower, you can use your hands to test the water temperature. If you feel hot, you will also be hot for other parts of your body.


·The best temperature to blunting honey water is 50 ~ 60

When washing honey, the water temperature should not be overheated. The hot water will change the sweet taste of honey, make the honey water sour, and the hot water will spoil the nutrition of honey.


·The best temperature to boiling the milk is 60 ~ 70

Boiling the milk temperature 60 ~ 70 will be better, this temperature has been able to achieve the purpose of sterilization. If the temperature is too high, it will destroy the protein in the milk, and the nutrient content will be greatly reduced.