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What is the Main Cause of Hypothermia During Anesthesia?

2022.02.28 / Monday

The Main Cause of Hypothermia During Anesthesia


After anesthesia, the body heat is distributed from the core to the periphery, which is the main reason for the occurrence of hypothermia during perioperative period.

The environment of the operating room, the environment around the patients and the all kinds of operation may affect the patient’s body temperature.


Operating room environment:

 The anesthetic gases temperature is low.

 Semi-open breathing devices: the transition of oxygen gas is lower that the patient’s body temperature, it may cause about 10%of the metabolic heat to be lost through breathing.

 The liquid temperature of Intravenous infusion is low. This will directly reduce the core body temperature, the average temperature will reduce 0.25.

 The irrigation liquid has a low temperature.

 Evaporation of temperature caused by open-body cavity surgery.


The ambient environment:

 Low room temperature: when the room temperature keep in 20-21, the incidence of hypothermia in 102 patients was 79.4%; when the room temperature keep in 24-25, the incidence of hypothermia in 137 patients was 55.47%.

 The operating bed temperature is low: the temperature of the operating bed directly affects the patient’s body temperature.

 The skin sanitizer: the low temperature of the disinfectant liquid and the temperature will decrease with the volatilization of alcohol.

 The temperature of air-conditioning.


The various operating during perioperative period:

• The area of bare skin is large

• Rinse the body cavity with cold liquid

• Iodine, alcohol rubbing the patient’s skin

• Intravenous infusion of a large number of cryogenic liquids

• Rapid infusion of cold storage of blood

• Long time exposure of the body cavity during an open-thoracic operation

• Inhalation of cold air when mechanical ventilation


The constant of body temperature is the basic guarantee for the physiological activities of the human body. Therefore, effective monitoring of body temperature with disposable medical temperature probe is very important.