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Subtle Body Temperature Regulation

2022.02.24 / Thursday

Subtle Body Temperature Regulation


37 , strictly speaking, it’s only a general digital temperature. We can use the disposable medical temperature probe to measuring the range of temperature degrees. Normal body temperature has a stable range, but it is not constant.


The body has a set of automatic control devices for heat production and heat dissipation, which is composed of a number of temperature receptors in the hypothalamus's thermostat and the skin's internal organs.


When a person feels cold or hot, signals are introduced by the nervous system, and the hypothalamus's body temperature regulates the command. It makes the relevant system, such as muscles, organs, skin, blood capillary, sweat glands, etc. All of this according to an orderly temperature control tries to keep the temperature at a constant scope.


For example, when the ambient temperature drops and the cold stimulates, the muscles will contract and tremble (shivering), causing the heat to increase. When it is hot, the body will sweat and use evaporation of water to cool off.


Of course, there is a limit to this kind of body temperature regulation. So, when you have an infectious disease or exposed to high temperature for a long time, or you get a fever when you get a trauma, you will get a fever. Because, when in these condition, the body's temperature control device is out of control.


And that's why, in the summer, you have to strengthen the prevention of heat, to avoiding heat stroke; In winter, you should pay attention to keep warm, to avoiding a fever.