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Why Are Infants and Young Childs Prone to Low Fever?

2022.02.18 / Friday

Why Are Infants and Young Children Prone to Low Fever?


Because the infant's nervous system is not fully developed, the temperature adjustment function is not perfect, a large change in ambient temperature or other factors can damage the body's heat production and heat dissipation process, causing a fever in infants and young children.


Some children have a low fever for some time after vaccination. Infants and young children resistance is weak; it’s hard to resist the invasion of bacteria and germs. They often cause fever due to infection.

Bacterial pneumonia also shows low fever, but most children are accompanied anhelation, cyanosis, drowsiness, and poor appetite. Chronic low fever may also be caused by Tuberculosis or CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia).


Parents need to take their children to the hospital for laboratory tests and get the accurate diagnosis, and the infants skin temperature probe is a good temperature measurement device to help the parents and doctor measuring the infant’s temperature in time.


If the baby's temperature only occasionally a few times at 37.5 , the body’s spirit and body in good condition and without subjective symptom, it can be thought that the child is a healthy state at this time.


Under the normal state, if the infants axillary temperature between 37.5 ~ 38 for many times, its can belong to clinical fever. Children's low fever can be caused by various reasons, the parents and doctor need to synthesize other symptoms to diagnose.