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You Know That the Fever is a Childs Immune System Fighting the Virus?

2022.02.13 / Sunday

Fever is a Child's Immune System Fighting the Virus


Parents often believe that children are not sick or ill, it’s show that they immunity are strong performance! It’s not really at fact.

The doctor pointed out that the child occasionally has a fever; it is beneficial to strengthen immunity, because the body will know it before meeting the germs, so that the defense reaction can be made.


People's immunity is divided into innate immunity and acquired immunity.

Innate immunity is innate, such as stomach acid, sialic acid, respiratory mucosa, and cells in the blood can kill bacteria. And sweating, urinating, defecating also can remove bacteria.

Postnatal immunity is acquired immunity, which is acquired after a child is ill, and is specifically to the specific immunity.


This kind of immunity is very similar to people's interaction, not meeting each other, it is impossible to have an impression of each other.

The body has not been exposed to some kind of pathogen, and it will not have an impression of it, of course, without its ability to resist it.

Only when the virus "come into unavoidable confrontation", and the fight activates the body's immune system, when the next time it is attacked, the immune system will alert and actively resist.


So when a child has a fever, it's the immune system in the child's body are fighting.The immune system has more "memory" of germs, and the child's immune system is on a step.A disposable temperature probe is a good way for parents to manage their child's temperature.