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The effect of ERMF on the parturient and newborn

2021.11.03 / Wednesday
The effect of ERMF on the parturient and newborn

In the last article, we explained what ERMF is. In this article, we will mainly talk about the possible effects of ERMF on women and newborns.

The effect of ERMF on the parturient

After the mother has a fever, the heart rate increases, the cardiac output increases, the maternal basal metabolic rate increases, and the acidic metabolites in the body increase.

In addition to the physiological changes during pregnancy, the residual lung function of pregnant women is reduced by 20% to 30%, and the oxygen reserve capacity is significantly reduced. Oxygen consumption further increases during fever, which is more likely to cause the body's acid-base imbalance and electrolyte imbalance.

Because the epidural-related intrapartum fever can hardly be distinguished from the fever caused by infection, the intrapartum fever will increase the infection screening test, such as blood culture, uterine swab culture, and placental pathological examination.

Mothers are also more likely to receive antibiotic treatment or undergo cesarean section surgery.

The effect of ERMF on newborns

The increase in body temperature during delivery is related to the increased safety risk of newborn delivery. Adverse outcomes include neonatal sepsis, low 1-minute Apgar score, umbilical artery pH <7.1, increased antibiotic use, and longer hospital stays. More data show that fever during childbirth caused by any reason may cause brain damage in newborns.

Intrauterine inflammation may also cause inflammation of the fetal brain. Even in the case of low or no infection, intrauterine inflammation can adversely affect the neuronal health of the full-term fetus.


Because fever during delivery may have adverse effects on mothers and babies, the main task of current research is still to better understand the mechanism of inflammation caused by epidural analgesia; find an accurate and rapid method to identify fever after epidural analgesia In order to carry out possible interventions; find safe and effective preventive interventions to prevent the mother and fetus from being exposed to high temperature and inflammation.