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Differential management of oral comfort treatment for children

2021.10.11 / Monday
Differential management of oral comfort treatment for children

Speaking of dentists, most people, especially children, are afraid of oral treatment. Some patients even suffer from dental phobia. Based on this premise, the concept of providing patients with comfortable oral medicine has gradually gained popularity. It is recognized, accepted and applied by the public.

The premise of oral comfort treatment is oral anesthesia. Why is this?

Why oral treatment of children needs to be completed under sedation/anaesthesia? This is because oral treatment under sedation/anaesthesia has the following advantages:

1. Make the treatment fast, efficient and convenient;

2. Sedation/anaesthesia is the only effective way to solve the oral treatment of special children, patients with severe dental phobia, and adults with accompanying diseases;

3. Sedation/anaesthesia can be combined with a variety of techniques;

4. At this stage, the safety of sedation/anaesthesia technology is very high, and the accident rate is less than one in 100,000.

Different from adults, children’s oral comfort diagnosis and treatment has the following characteristics:

1. The social demand is strong, but the safety awareness is relatively low, and the public expectation is high;

2. It can exert a good analgesic effect through local anesthesia, and is not highly dependent on analgesic drugs and muscle relaxants;

3. Respiratory problems are the main source of risk;

4. Children's oral treatment time is generally longer (2~3 hours);

5. Surgery does not cause much interference to the internal environment of the child, but specialists use more small instruments, and verification is more important;

6. Children's oral comfort diagnosis and treatment can reflect the important role of anesthesia technology guarantee.