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Labor Analgesia--Closed Loop Feedback System

2021.10.04 / Monday

Labor Analgesia--Closed Loop Feedback System

With the development of the times, the issue of fertility can be separated from "pain". This is because of the development of analgesia during childbirth.

Labor pain is a subjective experience with complex nature. The biggest difference from other acute and chronic pain is that labor pain is not caused by pathological factors, but due to childbirth-this natural physiological process causes the pain as the labor progresses. 

And the location has also changed, and there are significant individual differences, using a single mode of administration obviously can not meet the needs of individualized analgesia.

Closed-loop feedback labor analgesia technology is expected to overcome this technical barrier. This technology is a process of human-computer interaction, which enables the parturient to have higher control and autonomy during the entire delivery process, and can flexibly adjust the anesthetic drugs in real time according to changes in pain. 

Dosage, thereby reducing the incidence of outbreak pain; can detect excessive use of anesthetics in time, so as to avoid related adverse reactions.

At present, the closed-loop feedback labor analgesia technology mainly has two methods of administration: intraspinal and intravenous.

Designing an optimal mode of administration of labor pains to minimize pain and reduce the impact on childbirth and mothers and infants is the current research hotspot of labor analgesia. 

In addition to the function of a general analgesic pump, the closed-loop feedback automatic drug delivery analgesic pump has its core function to automatically adjust the dosage for the next evaluation period according to the number of times the patient presses the patient's self-controlled analgesia key during the evaluation time. 

The whole delivery process realizes automatic adjustment of drug delivery.