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Why We Are Warm-Blooded?

2017.09.27 / Wednesday

Why are we warm-blooded?

Why We Are Warm-Blooded? 

Evolutionary selection from cold-blooded to constant temperature.


From the first class of life evolution, all living creatures cannot maintain the constant temperature of its own body. Until now, there are some lower creatures don’t have a fixed temperature, such as fish, reptiles, insects.

Their body temperature wills changes with ambient temperature, which is called “variable temperature animals”, “cold-blooded” or “poikilotherm”.

But as species evolved, more advanced species chose to live with a constant temperature, such as birds and mammals.


Why human choose constant temperature?


Scientists believe that in the process of life moving from the sea to the land (life was first born in the ocean), there are great changes have taken place in their living environment.

They will go through nights and days, rainy and sunny, windy and snowy; the temperature difference during the day, the temperature difference in the four seasons of the year, is much higher than the temperature change in the deep sea.


In order to adapt to this changing environment and keep the fine structure of the brain functioning at any time, many animals slowly build their own body temperature balance system, to becoming warm-blooded animals.


At last, it is important to note that as the biological evolution, the human is becoming more and more sensitive to feel the changes in its body temperature. the change of temperature as long as there is 0.5 than normal, you will feel uncomfortable. Disposable temperature probe is a great tool to help people measuring their body temperature in time.