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Why Humans Constant Body Temperature is 37℃?

2017.09.25 / Monday

Why Humans Constant Body Temperature is 37?


Whether it’s the Eskimos who live a frozen and snow-covered land in the North Pole, or the Kenyans who living in Africa’s grasslands, or the Chinese who enjoy cool air in Beijing Siheyuan, put a skin temperature probe under their axillary, the result of measuring all the same 37.

No matter what color of your skin, and whether height or size, men or women, old or young you are, all the healthy human’s body temperature is 37.

Include people’s appearance and physical condition, even the size of the viscera and the number of blood cells differ in thousands ways, why 37 is uniform? Why not 25 or 39?


“Set” the temperature in 37, it is the choice of evolution.


Due to that if it need to maintain constant body temperature, it is necessary to choose a point that it is easy to balance heat production and heat dissipation. At this temperature, the heat balance produced by the body temperature is the easiest to maintain.


More than two hundred ten thousand year ago, when human first appeared in Africa, the average temperature below 25 during the day. In this climate, when human body temperature more than 35, hunting-this kind of normal activity, through metabolism process produces heat spread most easily.


Scientists believe that human body temperature is set at 37 , is the body metabolism level and the balance of the earth environment temperature, determines the constant temperature of 37 .