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The Principle and The Underlying Pathogenesis Of Hypothermia

2017.09.18 / Monday

The Principle and The Underlying Pathogenesis Of Hypothermia


Hypothermia is series of syndromes caused by low ambient temperature. It is not uncommon in clinical diagnosis and treatment, and it often occurs in older patients.


Human normal body temperature is 37, and the physiological phenomena so-called “hypothermia” is refers to the individual core temperature such as rectum and esophageal or ear temperature below 35(or 95). Once the rectal temperature is below 32, the death rate is more than 50%, when it’s below 30, the death rate is more than 70%.


There are some researches shows that older people who have hypothermia before are more likely to have a relapse than only young population in the colder climates of the future.


Here is a special explanation for the underlying pathogenesis of hypothermia:

  • The function of heat-producing mechanism decreased.
  • The disorder of body temperature regulation.
  • Ignore the increase in heat loss.
  • With the chronic disease.


In fact, senile hypothermia is also a social problem.


Among them, the most common reasons include elderly people living alone, with uncaring for their lives and poor living conditions, inadequate heating and poor nutritional conditions in the elderly themselves. Adding to the daily intake of food, or the loss of a loved one, is also a common underlying cause of hypothermia of the old man.


This reminds us that we should not only pay attention to the physical problems of the elderly, but also pay attention to the psychological problems of them.