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Preliminary Understanding of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

2020.01.07 / Tuesday
Preliminary Understanding of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

In recent years, with the clinical popularization of the concept of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), perioperative patient temperature management has become an important link in the clinical pathway of ERAS.

ERAS refers to a series of optimized treatment measures that have been proved effective by evidence-based medicine in the perioperative period in order to accelerate the recovery of patients, so as to reduce the psychological and physical traumatic stress response of patients, thus avoiding complications, shortening the hospital stay, reducing the risk of readjustment and death, and reducing the medical costs.

At present, the concept of ERAS is in the process of continuous improvement and development in China, and the clinical pathway of ERAS with Chinese characteristics is gradually formed.

However, it is necessary to mention that other clinical treatment measures related to ERAS, such as volume management and pain management, have been carried out in full swing, but perioperative temperature management has been ignored by surgeons and anesthesiologists. What are the reasons?

First, anesthesiologists and surgeons focus more on pain management and volume management related to accelerated recovery, while ignoring temperature management.

Second, out of consideration of health economics, hospital managers, department managers temporarily unable to purchase and active thermal insulation and temperature monitoring devices, however, is worthy of our attention is that the practice of the ERAS evaluation will not only shorten the length of hospital stay, but rather in the ascension of medical quality, and only the medical quality to reduce the incidence of complications and shorten the average results, reduce the medical expenses of such confinement.

Temperature management is just one of the important measures to improve the quality of medical care. I believe that with the promotion of the concept of ERAS, the concept of temperature management will be paid more and more attention.