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Be alert for low temperature infections in the elderly

2017.09.06 / Wednesday

Be alert for low temperature infections in the elderly


As is known to all, a fever is a health alarm. When you have an inflammatory infection, you may fever; this can remind you to go to the hospital. But for the elderly, this may be inaccurate.

Due to the deterioration of the physical function of the elderly, the body is slow to respond, so there is not much change in body temperature after inflammation, and many times it only shows low fever.In addition, older people have lower metabolism and less heat, and their normal body temperature is lower than that of young people.


Clinical observation shows that even in very severe cases, the old man body temperature is not higher than 37.8. For example, a significant number of elderly patients with acute infection have a temperature of less than 37.5. About 20% to 30% of older adults with severe infections are not fever.


The elderly infection of inflammatory disease without fever or fever is not obvious, this phenomenon may loses the body healthy prompt signal, it may lead to misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and treatment is delayed.


Therefore, medical personnel should pay attention to the old people's body temperature. The disposable skin temperature probe can timely detect the changes of the old people's body temperature, which plays a very good role in the follow-up treatment.