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Preventive Measures for Patients at High Risk of Perioperative Myocardial Injury

2019.09.27 / Friday

Preventive Measures for Patients at High Risk of Perioperative Myocardial Injury

perioperative myocardial injury

In the previous article, we explained in detail what perioperative myocardial injury is and the high-risk patients who are prone to it. In this article, we will focus on the effective preventive measures for these high-risk patients.

There are many preventive measures for perioperative myocardial injury. In order to facilitate your memory, here we provide several key words: improving myocardial function, balancing oxygen supply and consumption, and fully reducing stress.

Meanwhile, the prevention measures of perioperative myocardial injury can be simply divided into three stages: preoperative preparation, intraoperative management and postoperative management.

1. Preoperative preparation

For patients at high risk of perioperative myocardial injury, preoperative preparation measures should improve cardiac function, improve the ability of the heart to cope with traumatic stress by controlling cardiovascular disease and increasing cardiac function reserve.

2. Intraoperative management

Intraoperative management focuses on regulating oxygen supply and consumption balance and reducing stress.

The core of these measures is to reduce oxygen consumption, increase oxygen supply, ensure myocardial perfusion, and reduce the degree of traumatic stress.

The whole process of intraoperative management needs to be combined with perfect temperature management. It is one of the effective methods to use the medical temperature probe to monitor the change of the patient's temperature.

3. Postoperative management

The core of postoperative management is to reduce oxygen consumption and stress, fully relieve pain, ensure rest, reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting, etc., all of which are the applications of reducing oxygen consumption and stress.

Although the harm of perioperative myocardial injury should not be underestimated, medical staff can still take some adequate and effective preventive measures to reduce its occurrence and bring more safe medical experience for patients.