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Comparison and Detailed Analysis of General Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia

2019.09.04 / Wednesday
Comparison and Detailed Analysis of General Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia

We have explained the difference between local anesthesia and general anesthesia in previous articles. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail what general anesthesia and local anesthesia are, how to apply them, and what their advantages are.

Let's learn more about general anesthesia first.

The mechanism of general anesthesia is still unclear and depth monitoring of general anesthesia is still lacking.

Inhalation of general anesthesia requires anesthesia machine, ventilator and other equipment;

There is no method or medicine that is completely safe for patients' physiological functions. There are many intraoperative side effects. For example, for patients' vascular system, it can lower blood pressure, increase heart rate, inhibit myocardial contractility and reduce blood output. Vascular resistance decreases, affecting circulation blood flow; Respiratory depression;

Some, such as desflurane, can stimulate the respiratory tract and affect liver clearance of other drugs, potentially toxic effects of liver;  And it can increase intracranial pressure; In addition, after general anesthesia, delayed awakening, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, postoperative pain, and delayed ability to move.

More attention should be paid to the prevention of perioperative hypothermia caused by general anesthesia. It is recommended to use disposable temperature probe to monitor the patient's temperature in real time.

Local anesthesia refers to the broad sense of local anesthesia, including four parts: surface anesthesia, local invasive anesthesia, regional block, nerve block four categories. Nerve conduction block can be divided into nerve stem block, epidural block and spinal anesthesia.

Its advantages lie in its simplicity, safety, less complications and less effect on patients' physiological functions.

The patient is conscious and self-protective.

The advantages of local anaesthesia over general anaesthesia are recognized, although not supported definitively.