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Detailed Explanation of Perioperative Hypothermia Risk Predictors Score

2019.05.10 / Friday

Detailed Explanation of Perioperative Hypothermia Risk Predictors Score


Predictors Score

At present, domestic attention to perioperative temperature monitoring is still insufficient, most of the methods used are still passive insulation, active insulation measures have not been widely used.

Perioperative body temperature management includes three stages: preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative. The assessment of hypothermia risk is an important part of preoperative hypothermia assessment and Predictors Score. Therefore, the Predictors Score is of great significance in preventing hypothermia.


A famous professor of anesthesiology said: "the premise of active insulation measures is to identify in advance whether the patient has the possibility of perioperative hypothermia, which is of great significance for perioperative body temperature management.

We hope that anesthesiologists can better understand the Predictors Score, strengthen perioperative body temperature management, implement insulation measures and ensure the quality of anesthesia.


How to use Predictors Score correctly and effectively to predict the occurrence of hypothermia in perioperative patients?


The basic data of preoperative patients should be correctly understood and filled in, including age, sex, ASA grade, operation type,  anesthesia (BMI) numerical, anesthesia method, estimated amount of intraoperative intravenous fluids, estimated intraoperative rinses, anesthesia time, whether the cavity mirror surgery way, heat preservation, preoperative core body temperature, set temperature of the operating room.

Based on the above data, the risk value of perioperative hypothermia in this patient without real-time insulation measures can be calculated.


Maintaining a constant body temperature is a necessary condition to ensure the metabolism and normal life activities of the body.

Perioperative body temperature management is inseparable from the external tools such as the medical temperature probe and the help of the body temperature management system such as the Predictors Score.