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Does a Minor Surgery Require Body Temperature Management?

2019.04.23 / Tuesday

Does a Minor Surgery Require Body Temperature Management?


Surgery Temperature Management

An internationally renowned professor of anesthesiology has said: "The importance of body temperature management is reflected in every patient, every operation. Reasonable coordination of body temperature management must be implemented in all surgical procedures that exceed 30 minutes, so as to avoid the occurrence of perioperative hypothermia.

First, we need to establish a necessary cognitive basis for perioperative body temperature management, that is, perioperative body temperature management is necessary, and body temperature management is crucial for every patient and every operation.

Factors such as intraoperative anesthesia operation, operating room ambient temperature, and infusion of a large number of unheated blood products, a large amount of flushing liquid lower than the body temperature in open surgery, as well as the patient's own age and condition may cause the occurrence of perioperative hypothermia.


According to the statistics, when patients receive anesthesia, the body's thermoregulation system will be temporarily inhibited, and the core body temperature will drop rapidly.

As a result of heat distribution in patients undergoing general anesthesia in the first hour, which is 1.5 lower core body temperature, therefore, anesthesia art must be positive measures to prevent the happening of hypothermia.

It includes the following steps:

1. Pre-heating for the patients before anesthesia induction to prevent hypothermia caused by body temperature redistribution;

2. For patients who need to receive a large amount of liquid infusion, the transfusion and infusion thermometer should be used to warm the liquid in advance, and the unheated liquid should be avoided.

3. Always use the medical temperature probe to monitor the body temperature of patients in real time, detect changes in time, and take timely treatment plans.


So does a minor surgery require body temperature management?

At present, some experts in the field of anesthesia believe that minor surgery lacks the necessity of body temperature management due to the reasons of short duration, small wound area and quick postoperative recovery of patients.

However, several studies have proved that without the active heat preservation measures, the core body temperature within 30 minutes after general anesthesia will drop 0.5 , it goes against the theory of rapid postoperative recovery.

Therefore, it can be concluded that proper body temperature management must be carried out for any operation over 30 minutes, so as to better avoid the occurrence of intraoperative hypothermia.