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Application of NTC Thermistor in Battery and Motherboard

2019.02.28 / Thursday

Application of NTC Thermistor in Battery and Motherboard


NTC thermistor

The development history of NTC thermistors can be traced back to 200 years ago.

In recent years, NTC thermistors have developed rapidly, and we can found that in the environment around us.

Cars, appliances, cell phones, industrialization, etc.

Then we will know the development status of NTC thermistors from several aspects.


Application of NTC thermistor in battery circuit

From cell phone batteries to car batteries, NTC thermistors are indispensable.

This is because the NTC thermistor can effectively detect whether the current in the battery is excessive, and whether the battery is overheated, so as to timely adjust the rate of charging current.


The whole process is as follows:

When the point starts charging, the current will be relatively large, which can achieve rapid charging with a large current in a relatively short time.

When the current reaches the critical point or critical temperature, NTC thermistor will control the charging speed, so as to reduce the temperature and not damage the machine.


Application of NTC in motherboard

Motherboard may sound strange, but our daily contact with the computer, laptop, television and other core is their motherboard.

Among them, the computer motherboard is very sensitive to temperature.

However, due to the need of product assembly, the motherboard is often very close to the power supply circuit.

The increasing CPU frequency not only increases the speed of the CPU, but also makes the CPU work at a higher temperature.


At this time, the surface encapsulation type NTC thermistor can quickly response to open CPU overheating protection, and now there is a new type of encapsulation type NTC thermistor, it combines a special shape of strip line, can put the temperature sensitive element on the particular sensitive, can narrow the perfect body, making it easier to be installed in any position.