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Application and Future Development of NTC Thermistor

2019.02.27 / Wednesday

Application and Future Development of NTC Thermistor

NTC Thermistor

Application of NTC thermistor in cold chain transportation

Cold chain items, such as food and medicine, which need to ensure the transport time and the transport temperature, also play an important role in the transport link of the cold chain.

In the process of cold chain transportation, the temperature recorder needs to continuously record and manage the temperature situation in the cold chain transportation. However, the most common cold chain temperature recorder in the market is mostly composed of NTC thermistor elements, which can accurately feedback the temperature.


NTC thermistors are widely used in other fields

Water temperature sensor is another most common application of NTC thermistors, simply to measure the temperature of water, timely feedback to the host for the next level of work.

In addition, the most common application of the medical field is disposable temperature probe, these are inseparable from the NTC thermistor.


The development of modern industrialization puts forward higher requirements for NTC thermistors:

Smaller size, higher stability, better high temperature test performance and so on.


These high specification NTC thermistors are used in more accurate body temperature measurement systems, smaller temperature difference sensors, and more efficient high temperature sensors to improve vehicle fuel efficiency.

It is believed that the development of NTC thermistors in the future can help humans to create a more comfortable and convenient modern life.