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Medical Temperature Probe Can Effectively Prevent Perioperative Hypothermia

2019.02.25 / Monday

Medical Temperature Probe Can Effectively Prevent Perioperative Hypothermia


Medical Temperature Probe Can Effectively Prevent Perioperative Hypothermia

Body temperature is an important basic vital sign.

Under normal physiological conditions, the body's heat production and heat dissipation is a dynamic balance.

When this balance is disturbed, the body temperature will rise and fall abnormally. The farther it deviates from the normal body temperature, the greater the interference to the physiology and the greater the threat to the patient's life security.


Hypothermia and rewarming must be emphasized in clinical practice, and prevention is more important than treatment and retreatment after the occurrence of various complications.


All the following operations to maintain normal body temperature require real-time monitoring of the patient's temperature using medical temperature probe:


1. Use arc lamps and thermal blankets to maintain a warm room temperature to reduce the influence of environmental factors on body temperature.

2. Use infusion and blood transfusion heating system to reduce the influence of treatment on body temperature.

3. Choose low fresh air flow anesthesia to reduce the heat loss through the respiratory tract.

4. Use an artificial nose in the anesthesia circuit to reduce the loss of moisture and heat in breathing.

5. Use a thermostat to prevent evaporative heat dissipation.


As long as the body temperature is closely monitored and effective measures are taken, it is not difficult to maintain the normal body temperature, but it should be prevented from causing new problems.


This is why it is necessary to use a medical temperature probe to monitor the patient's temperature in real time, because overcorrection will lead to excessive rewarming, which will also cause harm to patients and need to be treated with caution.