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The Application of Disposable Rectal Temperature Probe in the Cardiac Surgery

2019.01.27 / Sunday

The Application of Disposable Rectal Medical Temperature Probe in the Cardiac Surgery


When the patients under general anesthesia in a cardiac surgery, the hypothalamus temperature regulation point will down, the central nervous system is less sensitive to changes in body temperature, the central thermoregulatory function is reduced, and the whole body metabolic rates fell, the lack of heat production.

In addition, anesthetics and muscle relaxants also directly block the body's normal body temperature regulation system. These factors can lead to hypothermia.


Therefore, patients with heart disease need to monitor the temperature of anus and nasopharynx during operation. Most of the hospitals previously selected the rectal temperature probe that was used with the monitor, but the long-term use of the rectal temperature probe will have the following problems:


1. Long-term use, temperature sensor aging, NTC chip resistance drift, accuracy decline.

2. Multiple high temperature sterilization, outer casing aging, causing secondary damage.

3. Alcohol and iodine are not thoroughly disinfected, which can cause cross infection.


Therefore, Zhuhai Exsense Medical technology co., LTD specially developed a disposable rectal temperature probe. Compared with the results of two kinds of rectal temperature probe, there was no difference in the rectum temperature and nasopharyngeal temperature detected, and the effect was significant after clinical use.


Heart patients began to anesthesia induction, after connects the catheter to patients, insert the disposable rectal medical temperature probe lubrication after 6 ~ 8 mm within the patient's anus, can accurately detect the surgery patient's body temperature.