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Characteristics of the NTC Thermistor Chip---The Core Element of Medical Temperature Sensor

2019.01.16 / Wednesday

Characteristics of the NTC Thermistor Chip---The Core Element of Medical Temperature Sensor



The temperature probe used in medical treatment can accurately monitor the temperature change of patients, depending on the internal NTC temperature sensor. This kind of temperature sensor is made of NTC thermistor package.

NTC thermistors can be divided into two types: gold electrode chip and silver electrode chip, the difference between them lies in the different film materials.

The size of such NTC chips can be as small as 0.3mm, and their characteristics are as follows:


1. Characteristics of silver electrode chip: silver is used in the microelectronics industry in the form of thin lamination. The electronic paste is attached to the substrate to make the required graphics, and then the conductor or resistance layer is formed through polymerization or sintering.

Electronic slurry is composed in electronic components to make conductive layer, which has good conductivity, strong adhesion, good weldability, dense surface, good compatibility with substrate materials, and the formulation of matching process procedures and process parameters to ensure the electrical performance and safety of products.

At the same time, silver paste has become the electrode material commonly used by NTC thermistor manufacturers at home and abroad.


2. Characteristics of gold electrode chip: semiconductor thin film electrode has been widely used in screen display, solar cell and other fields due to its advantages of high light transmission and small resistivity.

Metal materials used for the preparation of thin film electrode, not only has excellent electrical conductivity, and has high permeability, visible light gold stability at high temperature is very good, not easy to oxidation, greatly broaden the application field of gold film, metal in positive temperature coefficient of the material, electrical conductivity with lower temperature becomes better, the gold film electrodes in low temperature physical property measurement system and cold region shows that the oxide film electrode incomparable characteristics.

The gold film has the best performance at the thickness of 20nm.


NTC Thermistor chips used in addition to use to bond, the infrared thermopile, semiconductor module, also can be encapsulated into the NTC temperature sensor, the NTC temperature sensor is not only the core component of medical temperature probe, its high sensitivity and high accuracy can be used to accurately reflect the patient's body temperature change, for patients with follow-up treatment escort.