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The Difference between the Three Types of Medical Temperature Probes Used In the ICU

2019.01.11 / Friday

The Difference between the Three Types of Medical Temperature Probes Used In the ICU


It is extremely dangerous for any patients that deviation from the normal body temperature, it may cause lots of complications, especially for the patient in the ICU, the patient more weakness, the consequence may be worse.


For example, as we all know that fever is a simple sign of body temperature changes, but in the ICU, fever is also the clearest sign of a systemic inflammatory response, it may cause sepsis and increase the mortality rate.


In general, early detection of the patient body temperature changes is the key for the doctor resolve potential risk and beneficial the healthcare workers to take appropriate measures on patients in time.


Some research indicates that continuous temperature measurements are more effective and feasible to the common temperature measurement, that`s why it always chosen medical temperature probe in ICU.

In fact, continuous temperature measurements can be divided into four types:

· Skin temperature measurement, mainly auxiliary body temperature, and the temperature measurement tool is skin temperature probe.

· Body cavity temperature measurement, including esophagus, nasal cavity and rectum, the temperature measurement tool is general purpose temperature probe

· Tympanic membrane temperature measurement. The temperature measurement tool is tympanic temperature probe.

· Bladder temperature measurement, and the temperature measurement tool is Foley catheter temperature probe.


This section provides details about the differences between these continuous temperature monitoring measurements for patients.

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Using Skin Temperature Probe is the most quick and easiest way to know the patient`s skin temperature, it is also convenient to place. However, skin temperature is always lower than core temperature, when the health workers need to exactly know about the patient`s body temperatures, it is may not recommended.


Using Esophageal Temperature Probe or General Temperature Probe to monitor the patient`s body cavity temperature, it is allowed to put into the patient`s body, so it can provide more accurate data about core temperature rather than Skin temperature monitoring. 


Using Foley Catheter Temperature Probe is a simply way to measure the patient bladder temperature, and it is especially good for the extensively burned patients. But it may be affected by other factor sometimes (such as disoperation).


Using Tympanic Temperature Probe can easy to know the normal temperature, but the monitoring accuracy of ear canal is more variable than esophagus and rectum.


In the end, we highly recommend healthcare workers to choose disposable temperature probe, it is more safely and reliable than the reusable temperature probe.