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The Application of Medical Temperature Probe Can Reduce the Death Rate of Malignant Hyperthermia

2019.01.09 / Wednesday

The Application of Medical Temperature Probe Can Reduce the Death Rate of Malignant Hyperthermia


medical temperature probe and malignant hyperthermis

Recently, it was reported that a 19-year-old girl died in the course of plastic surgery, and further investigation found that the patient died of a sudden malignant fever.

The mortality rate in China is very different from that in the United States. Data show that the mortality rate of malignant hyperthermia in the United States is about 5.3% to 10.7%, but in China, the mortality rate of malignant hyperthermia’s higher than 70% all year round.


So, is it a malignant hyperthermia that cannot be avoided and treated?

The answer is definitely no.


Strict perioperative body temperature management and the use of medical temperature probe to closely monitor the temperature changes of patients can effectively reduce the high mortality rate caused by malignant hyperthermia.

But at present, in China, the management of intraoperative body temperature has not received enough attention, and the data requiring real-time monitoring in the ICU sometimes does not include body temperature, which is obviously undesirable.


Body temperature should be closely monitored along with blood pressure and pulse rate, so as to provide doctors with more perfect real-time physical condition of patients.

Avoid the incurable consequences of diseases such as malignant hyperthermia.


The early identification of malignant hyperthermia is crucial for the survival of patients. If the temperature changes of patients are detected early, doctors can take timely treatment, immediately stop using the induced drugs, change the anesthetic drugs that may cause malignant hyperthermia, and immediately inject Dantrolene and other drugs.


Discontinuity of measuring temperature cannot accurately reflect the patient's real-time data body, small temperature changes if not been timely detection and may cause serious consequences, medical temperature probe as the tool that can real-time monitor patients temperature data, it can be accurate to 0.01 , the characteristics of can help doctors to understand the status of the patient's temperature in time, early detection malignant hyperthermia, and early treatment.