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Basic Theory of Body Temperature Measurement—Different parts to measuring the body core temperature

2017.08.16 / Wednesday

Basic Theory of Body Temperature Measurement—The point to measuring the body core temperature


In general, the commonly core temperature measurement point includes, pulmonary artery, tympanic, esophagus, bladder, rectum, oral/nasal/throat cavity and temporal arteries.

Actually, the esophagus, pulmonary artery and bladder are the best representative of body core temperature measurement site.

Medical workers can use the disposable esophageal temperature probe, disposable general purpose temperature or disposable Foley catheter temperature probe to measuring the patient’s body temperature.


Due to the temperature is regulating by the hypothalamus, the temperature of the hypothalamus can be considered as the gold standard of body core temperature.

If there is no extreme heat interference source and then through the measurement and comparison of readings between the esophageal, esophagus and bladder, the core temperature can be accurately estimated in time.


The temperature readings of hypothalamus may deviation form the core temperature when de patients during deep cryogenic circulation or brain damage, this implantable temperature measurement can only be applied to specific situations, such as brain surgery.

Another reference of the core temperature is the pulmonary artery temperature, which reflects the temperature of humans’ blood. This method is traumatic and it is not recommended.

Some scholar fined that the esophageal and tympanic temperature has a good correlation with brain (hypothalamus) temperature. In addition, use disposable tympanic temperature probe is a less traumatic method.


Considering the terms of operation convenience and stability, the oral temperature, rectal temperature and the armpit temperature are usually used to represent the human body temperature.