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Skin Disposable Temperature Probe

2016.07.06 / Wednesday

Skin Disposable Temperature Probe

Medical’s Skin Disposable Temperature Probe  is used in routine surgery or postoperative recovery for monitoring a patient’s surface temperature, or whenever a clinician needs to accurately assess skin temperature. Exsense’s skin disposable temperature probe is combined with a soft, pliable, adhesive foam disk, decreases the risk of irritation in patients with thin, sensitive skin.

•  Versatile, noninvasive way to measure temperature.

•  Mylar backing provides insulation from heat lamps or other operating room lights, improving sensor accuracy.

•  Foam pad seals the area between skin and sensor to eliminate any    ambient air that could affect temperature reading.

•  Disposable single-use design reduces the risk of cross-infection and ensures a quality product each time a new unit is used.

•  Latex free.

•  Embedded probe can keep the temperature to make higher accuracy.

• Soft adhesive foam disk allows for easy placement and removal.


Recommended placement sites are: Armpit

General Use: Clean the surface of skin, then stick it on the center of armpit.