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Tympanic Temperature Probe by Exsense Medical

2018.12.25 / Tuesday

Tympanic Temperature Probe by Exsense Medical


In daily life, we often use the temperature measurement tools including mercury thermometer and infrared thermometer. In view of the possible mercury leakage in mercury thermometers, infrared thermometers are often used as the preferred temperature measuring tool in families.

But in an academic paper has mentioned, temperature management expert, through collecting and statistics of infrared thermometer and tympanic temperature probe measured temperature data, contrast and found that the temperature of the infrared thermometer readings is far lower than the tympanic temperature probe measured average temperature, average deviation value of 0.68 .


The error is because the infrared thermometer measures the temperature of the air in the ear canal, not the ear drum membrane temperature.

Exsense Medical tympanic temperature probe is designed to measure the tympanic membrane temperature closest to the patient's core body temperature.

When a patient's body temperature needs to be accurately and continuously measured and recorded, the ear canal temperature probe has an absolute advantage over mercury thermometers and infrared thermometers.

This is because the body's tympanic membrane temperature has long been considered the gold standard for assessing a patient's core body temperature.


Considering that some common tympanic temperature probes may cause damage to the tympanic membrane of patients due to design problems, Exsense Medical decided to use memory foam to wrap the front-end NTC thermistor sensor to make the probe more safe and comfortable at the very beginning of the design.


tympanic temperature probe

Our tympanic temperature probe provides accurate temperature readings without causing any damage to the eardrum membrane.

In addition, it's easy to place, and because it's a real-time temperature monitor, it can save health care workers much of the time they would otherwise spend measuring a patient's temperature at intervals.


Advantages of tympanic temperature probe: the memory foam material wraps the temperature sensor to reduce the damage to the ear canal and prevent the influence of the surrounding air environment on the temperature measurement accuracy; Very easy to place.

How to use the tympanic temperature probe: place the temperature probe in the external ear canal and slowly push it close to the eardrum membrane. When you feel any resistance, stop and gently pull the probe back.