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The Difference between Viral Cold and Bacterial Cold

2018.12.18 / Tuesday

The Difference between Viral Cold and Bacterial Cold


cold and medical temperature probe

Colds can be simply divided into viral and bacterial. So how do we tell them apart?

Body temperature:

From the perspective of body temperature, using medical temperature probe to monitor the body temperature of patients can be found that the body temperature of patients with viral cold after the use of antipyretic drugs, the body temperature will show a downward trend.

The body temperature data of patients with bacterial colds are relatively unstable, and even with antipyretic drugs, they are prone to relapse.


Symptoms and secretions:

The patient that suffers from virus to have a fever commonly, the symptom expression of rhinitis place is inferior to bacterial sex cold strong.

It is clear mucus more, accompany diarrhoea, have infectivity.

The symptom that bacterial sex cold behaves in tonsil and guttural ministry is opposite more serious, ache redness is swollen more apparent, accompany at the same time purulent snot, thick phlegm to wait.

Bacterial cold is dispersive sex more, do not send in groups.


Although colds can be classified as viral or bacterial, symptoms alone may not be able to tell the difference in life.

When the patient has a high fever, it is necessary to go to the hospital for medical treatment, use the temperature probe to monitor the change of body temperature, and firmly avoid the abuse of antibiotics, so as to avoid the emergence of super bacteria (bacteria resistant to a variety of antibiotics) in the patient's body, and follow the doctor's advice.


The cold that we suffer from at ordinary times is virus mostly; rely on medicaments and oneself leucocyte fight is easier to cure commonly. When we have an occasional bacterial cold, we may need a major treatment.