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The Body Cavity Temperature and The Rectal Temperature Measurement

2017.08.10 / Thursday

The Body Cavity Temperature and The Rectal Temperature Measurement

In terms of temperature measurement, the body cavity temperature can be divided into nasal cavity temp, esophagus temp, and rectum temp. 

As we all know, body cavity temperature is the best examples of humans’ core body temperature, and the rectum is the most common and simplest place to getting the accurate body temperature. The accuracy reading of it can be continuous monitoring by disposable general purpose temperature probe.

But there are exceptions in cases such as:

1.In the state of unhealthily after surgery

There are some researches studies shows the rectal temperature has one hour lag of up to core body temperature. Actually the core body temperature is measured in the pulmonary artery.

This means that if a patient wakes up after the surgery, the rectal temperature will show a much slower rate of rewarming.

2.After taking some certain medications

For example, if a patient got a fever and need to take acetaminophen, the rectal temperature will show a same sign as the above. This phenomenon is called as “rectal lag”.

3.The patients with intestinal diseases that is not suitable for measuring rectal temperature. Such as intestinal tract bleeding, hemorrhoids and spastic colon.

4.The position of the thermometer or general purpose temperature probe had been placed and the way that the paramedics measure the temperature is correct or not.


In conclusion, there are several factor may affect the accuracy and feasibility of the rectal temperature reading, when it's not the best option, the doctor and health workers can choose esophagus or nasal cavity to measuring the patients core body temperature.