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Temperature Measurement In Infants

2017.07.25 / Tuesday

Temperature Measurement In Infants


There are some researches show that, almost all the infants had a fever and they commonly not very sensitive about their body temperature changes. It means infants cannot give instant feedback to their families in time. Due to most parents can not easily figure out the infant's physical condition, some pediatric diseases are too late to be treated when they realized.


It should be noted that except the common causes like colds and pharyngitis, there are some other causes of fever, such as virus Infections, cancer adverse drug reactions, and adverse vaccines reactions. These special causes are needed to be detected and take appropriate measures in time.


That's why we highly recommend parents to pay attention to the temperature monitoring of their children in daily life, it can help to reduce the disease incidence.

Touching and felling is not a good way to judge child‘s body temperature, it is not accurate enough. The health workers can easily know the temperature of child‘s ear canal and axillary via using tympanic temperature probe and skin temperature sensor, but ear and skin are still not the best monitoring areas for showing the temperature variety during a time period in some medical care.


The temperature of body cavity (Such as esophagus) is the most accurate index reflecting the core temperature. However, the common disposable  general temperature probe is too large for the young children’s body cavity, it’s easy to hurt the immature mucosa.

In order to guarantee the safety, accuracy and easiness of ideal temperature measurement, Exsense Medical designed a special size of esophageal temperature probe and general temperature for pediatric using.

Exsense Medical concentrates on disposable temperature probe, and care about the temperature measurement of every single patient.