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    Exsense Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2007, a High-tech company involved in R&D, production and selling of NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor, temperature sensor and relative electronic materials.

    Exsense Medical Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, the unique enterprise in disposable temperature probe,disposable temperature sensor--medical device field who owns manufacturing technology of NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) chip---the core of disposable temperature probe, we also has a completed industrial chain for producing.Our professional team concentrate on R&D, management and production, every member has rich experience on medical technology field.

    We focus on the construction and implement of modern enterprise management system and operate in accordance to YY/T0287:2003 (idt ISO13485:2003) quality system since establishment. Administrative employees accepted YY/T0287:2003 internal auditor training and obtained the certification. Our company disposable temperature probe has acquired ISO13485 Certificates, CFDA Certificates and CE Certificates. At the meantime, the NTC chip supplied by Zhaoqing Exsense assures high stability and reliability of our temperature probe.


The safety of patients in preoperative period rely on the perfectly matched body temperature measurement, so we guarantee to maximized the accuracy of measurement results and enables optimization of the product performance during production and testing. Exsense Medical Technology Co.Ltd focus on providing the highest quality disposable monitoring temperature probe for our customers, we are working on creating a comfortable medical environment for the patients around the world.


As the leading medical device company of China with the top chip technology, the three characteristics of our NTC chip made us always be the most competitive one in the market --- high accuracy,high reliability and high sensitivity. Exsense focus on the NTC chip technology over 12 years, owns 56 national patents and many international certifications of medical device. We are the unique one that owns integrated production chain in the Chinese disposable temperature probe industry. The maximized accuracy of temperature can be reached ±0.05℃, the drift rate of temperature measurement will be less than 0.01℃.

The major products of Exsense medical disposable temperature probes include:

Disposable Skin Temperature Probe

Disposable Tympanic Temperature Probes

Disposable Esophageal Temperature Probe

Disposable General Purpose Temperature Probe

Disposable Foley Catheter Temperature Probe


So far, Exsense contributed a lot to improve the medical environment of China, we already achieved the leading position in domestic disposable temperature probe market. Therefore, we are planning to expand market and seeking strategic alliance in global view so that provide our high quality products to the patients around the world.