• Q:Why choose Exsense medical temperature probe?

    A: Exsense is the unique one who owns the core technique and an integrated production chain for medical temperature probe, it's the most important gurantee for the product quality. The high accuracy, high reliablity and high sensitivity of our temperautre probe make us win a high admiration in the market.

  • Q:Why do we need to monitor body temperature in therapies?

    A: The five vital signs of human beings include blood pressure, pulse, respiration, body temperature and pain. The body temperature management has been widely applied in medical therapies. Normally, human body can regulate its own temperature in the normal range by the self-control system, but many medical treatments will disrupt the proper function of self-control system. The disorder of body temperature will cause the multiple organ damage or even lead to death, so it needs medical workers to monitor the body temperature of patients.

  • Q:Why choose disposable temperature monitoring probe?

    A: The accuracy of reusable temperature probe will be affected by long-term using, it will makes patients suffer a high risk on cross-infections. The disposable temperature monitoring probe functions on the temperature continuous monitoring with a high accuracy, it doesn’t need the complicated disinfection process. For now, the most temperature monitoring tools for supporting medical monitor are disposable products, it always bring the safety, conveniences and health to patients.