• Q:The action of medical temperature probe in anesthetic operation?

    A: The changes of the body temperature in the operation can be learned through the real-time monitoring of the medical temperature probe. Besides the hypothermia caused by anesthesia, medical staff also need to pay attention to the increase of the body temperature caused by anesthesia. Disposable medical temperature sensor is an important tool to monitor the changes of patients' body temperature.

  • Q:What is the advantages of NTC thermistors applied to medical temperature probe?

    A: Exsense NTC thermistor has high accuracy, high reliability, small volume, good heat resistance and good performance. The characteristics of its wide measuring range, high precision measurement is widely used in anesthesia surgery that which need long time trend of temperature monitoring, and therefore is widely used in making the medical temperature probe which can adaptation to monitor.

  • Q:Why are newborns more suitable for neck skin temperature measurement?

    A: Because the skin temperature probe can accurately reflect the core body temperature of the newborn, and the neck skin belongs to the outer skin layer, it will not damage the newborn. So the neck temperature measurement has advantages of measurement is convenient, safe and high accuracy, easy to accepted by medical workers and families, as well as reduce the nursing staff in the time of clinical thermometer, improve work efficiency.

  • Q:Why humans constant body temperature is 37℃?

    A: “Set” the temperature in 37℃, it is the choice of evolution.Due to that if it need to maintain constant body temperature, it is necessary to choose a point that it is easy to balance heat production and heat dissipation. At this temperature, the heat balance produced by the body temperature is the easiest to maintain.Scientists believe that human body temperature is set at 37 ℃, is the body metabolism level and the balance of the earth environment temperature, determines the constant temperature of 37 ℃.

  • Q:What does the relative constant of body temperature mean?

    A: Too high or too low temperature can affect the activity of the enzyme in human’s body, it may affect the normal operation of metabolism, and it can cause the dysfunction oh various cells, tissues and organs, finally it can lead to death in severe cases.

  • Q:Does human’s temperature will always stay relative constant?

    A: Human’s body temperature changes due to age, gender, etc. These changes are usually very small, keep within 1℃ to 1.7℃. Age: neonatal boy temperature>children>adult>elderly. This is based on the body’s metabolism, and the older you get, the slower your metabolism will be. Gender: female>male, general difference in temperature of 0.3℃. Time: a person’s body temperature is the lowest between 2 and 4 in the mooring, the highest in 14-20pm, it range not more than 1 ℃.

  • Q:What is the normal temperature of each parts of body?

    A: Using disposable temperature probe to get the temperature readings of the each parts of body: The skin temperature is 36.5℃-36.8℃. The bladder temperature is 36.9-37.5. Using general purpose can know the rectal temperature is 36.9℃-37.7℃, esophageal temperature is 36.5℃-37.5℃, oral cavity temperature is 35.9℃-37.2℃, nasal and throat temperature is 36.0℃-37.5℃, tympanic temperature probe can tell you the ear canal temperature is 36.0℃-37.5℃.

  • Q:Why should pay attention on the temperature management of premature infants?

    A: Due to lower gestational age at birth, the premature babies bodily functions are not yet fully developed, they are fragile; some small common problems may cause negative effects on them. Some research shows that poor control of body core temperature is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rate in preterm infants. Premature infants are more likely to get the hypothermia because of their low weight and relative lack of subcutaneous fat, especially in the first three hours of life. Health worker can use disposable temperature probe to monitor the infant’s temperature.

  • Q:What is the difference between rectal temperature and axillary temperature?

    A: The primary differences between rectal and axillary temperatures are the measuring method, the measuring time and the measuring area. The medical workers always used disposable general temperature probe and skin temperature probe to measure the temperature of human’s rectum and axillary. When you need to know the axillary temperature, you just need to place the disposable skin temperature probe under the armpits of a person, and then you may need to wait for about 7-10 minute before the temperature reading becomes stable. Rectal temperature probe should be put into the human’s body and it has to remain for about 5minute, then you will get the readings of rectal temperature.

  • Q:Why disposable skin temperature probe is much better than reusable probe?

    A: Composed Material: Except the normal stainless steel disc, disposable skin temperature probe add a reflective sliver cover with soft foam, it increases the touching area with skin, also makes response speed become faster. Usage: A single package disposable temperature probe just used for one patient, make sure that each temperature probe is safe and clean when it be used. Reusable temperature probe can be reused, but it must go through cleaning, disinfection and sterilization before every time using. Cost: Considering with the long-term using, compare the average unit price between the two probes, reusable type is more expensive than disposable type. Accuracy: Accuracy of a new disposable temperature probe will always keep in ±0.1℃. Reusable temperature probe will be affected by long-term using on accuracy.