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24-hour Urine Collection Bag

24-hour Urine Collection Bag

Application Area : 24-hour urine collection bag for nephrology, urology, hematology, endocrinology (diabetes)

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Key Features

24-hour Urine Collection Bag

•  Urine collection bag for 24-hour urine volume detection: Use for a single patient; 

•  Product design: 24-hour urine collection bag, the bag with capacity scale, which can accurately measure the collected urine capacity;

•  Sealability: The urine collection bag is completely sealed as a whole, which can effectively prevent odor and urine spillage;

•  Advantages: The overall design of the urine collection bag is excellent, the operation is simple and convenient, and it is convenient for urine sample sampling;

•  Specifications: A variety of Urine Collection Bag models are available, which is convenient for all types of patients.

General Use

24-hour Urine Collection Bag is used to collect the patient's 24-hour urine for the hospital to detect the patient's urine sugar quantification, urine protein quantification, urine creatinine, urine creatine, urine potassium, urine sodium, urine chlorine, etc.

More specific details about 24-hour Urine Collection Bag, please contact Exsense Medical.

How To Buy

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ordering information

Model Capacity(ml) Unit Remarks
ES - UC - 3000 3000 ml
ES - UC - 3000NY 3000 ml Women
ES - UC - 5000 5000 ml
ES - UC - 5000NY 5000 ml Women