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General Purpose Temperature Probe

General Purpose Temperature Probe

Application Area : Esophagus, Rectum, Nasopharynx

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Skin temperature probe

Skin temperature probe

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Key Features

Disposable General Purpose Temperature Probe

•  General purpose temperature probe: Use for single patient temperature management 

•  Compatible Monitor Model: YSI400 Series

•  Accuracy: ±0.1℃ within range of 25℃-45℃

•  Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with industry standard IEC60601-1-2:2007

•  Length: 900mm

•  Resistance Type: NTC/YSI400/2.252K@25℃, NTC/Ohmeda/10K@25℃

•  Sleeve material: Medical grade PVC.

•  Medical PVC sleeve, easily insert to human body

•  Pediatric medical general purpose temperature probe is specially designed with 2mm diameter sleeving for providing the comfortable and convenient using conditions

•  Insulation cap prevent the electronic shock

•  The general purpose temperature probe is waterproof and disposable

General Use

Lubricating the general purpose temperature probe, then slowly insert probe to the accurate position(rectum/esophagus) based on the clinical rules, it also can prevent the dis-comfortableness of patient

How To Buy

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ordering information

Prat No. Specification Diameter Note
ES - DG - 07A 7FR 2.3mm No Scale
ES - DG - 07B 7FR 2.3mm With Scale
ES - DG - 09A 9FR 3.0mm No Scale
ES - DG - 09B 9FR 3.0mm With Scale