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Foley Catheter Temperature Probe

Foley Catheter Temperature Probe

Application Area : Urinary Bladder

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Skin temperature probe

Skin temperature probe

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Key Features

Foley Catheter Temperature Probe

•  Use for single patient

•  Compatible Monitor Model: YSI400 Series

•  Accuracy ofFoley catheter with temperature probe: ±0.1℃ within range of 25℃-45℃

•  Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with industry standard IEC60601-1-2:2007

•  Length:900mm

•  Resistance Type: NTC/YSI400/2.252K@25℃, NTC/Ohmeda/10K@25℃

•  Monitoring the temperature while urine outputting.

•  100% made of silicon, it can prevent the infection of latex

•  The waterproof of Foley catheter temperature probe can prevent the liquid refluxing

General Use

The Foley catheter temperature probe need to be used with some related medical tools
Follow the clinical method about catheter

How To Buy

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ordering information

Prat No. Specification Diameter(MAX) Note

ES - DC - 14A 14FR 4.7mm
ES - DC - 16A 16FR 5.3mm
ES - DC - 18A 18FR 6.0mm
ES - DC - 20A 20FR 6.7mm
ES - DC - 22A 22FR 7.3mm